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About Us

Happiness is a warm puppy" - Charles M. Schulz 

My name is Julie, and I am Pawtastic Doodles! My program is successful due to my phenomenal team of family and friends, who provide loving guardian homes for my parent dogs. We are all passionate and dedicated to designing and raising fabulous Teacup and Mini Doodle puppies and preparing them to thrive with their loving furever families.


My standard for success is very high!  I define ultimate success in three primary ways:

1) Selecting optimal parents based on robust health testing, temperament, and appearance assessments. 

2) Designing the very best puppies based on this criteria. 

3)  Matching our families with the perfect Doodle for them!

  All of our superior quality breeding dogs live in our home with our family or in a loving guardian family home. They are pets first and foremost-truly part of the family. All of our puppies are born and raised inside our home with a very intentional focus on ensuring our puppies' environment is nurturing and positive on day one. Their socialization begins the moment they are born with a goal to give our adorable doodle puppies an optimal foundation of love, nurturing and socialization.  We consider this an honor and a privilege and look forward to partnering with you to find the perfect Doodle for your family!

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