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Favorite Puppy Resources

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“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”

-M.K. Clinton

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Potty Training

Content Credit-Lizzy Smith

As you wait for your puppy, I recommend you leverage this time to begin preparing for incorporating your puppy into your new life together. There are many great resources out there. Some of my favorites are Puppy Culture or Small Dog Academy . Puppy Culture is the program we used to raise your puppy along with Badass Breeder way.  Small Dog Academy Also has simple short videos and they have tiny quizzes after to help you retain the information. We partner with Baxter & Bella as our go-to training source. For more detailed information and detailed training recourses, please visit our Training section of our website. 

Stain and Odor Remover This is what I have always used to clean up accidents off of carpet, hard floors, and even my childrens bed when my kids had an accident. It has the enzymatic formula that kills the living bacteria so that you and your pups no longer smell the accident and I have been pleased with it.

Pooper Scooper Love this! Perfect size for kids to help!

Bucket for Poop Perfect size to put a grocery store bag in as a liner and great size for kids to carry as they use the Pooper Scooper in their other hand!

Dog Door LOVE this door! This is a game changer! Also get this Wall Kit and you can install the Dog Door into the wall.  We have part of our yard fenced off for a potty area and highly recommend it, then you don't have to worry about kids stepping in doggy doo when they are playing in your backyard.  We just connected two of these Exercise Pens. If you live in a place with Coyotes then you can attach a Kennel to the dog door for a potty area.You'll want the kennel as big as possible so your dog has plenty of room to do her business without stepping on past poops. And you'll want a tall enough kennel for you to walk in so that you can do potty patrol once a day. You'll cut out a hole in the back of the kennel and place it up against the doggy door, like in the picture.

But please note these outside potty areas are just that, POTTY AREAS. Dogs need more room to run and play then just the tiny penned in potty area. 

Potty bells if you don't have a doggy door than this is the next best thing. Attach to your door knob and touch your pups paw to it every time before taking him out to potty. Eventually he catches on that ringing the bells means he gets to go outside to potty and he will start doing it on his own. Super simple, used these for years before we finally installed our doggy door.

Force of Nature.  I have just learned about this from a breeder friend, she LOVES it. It is strong enough to kill germs but gentle enough that it is safe for puppies. Use this to clean up puppy accidents and messes.

Clearly Loved Pets or Metal Exercise Pen You need a safe space to put your puppy if you can't keep an eye on them or if you need to leave the house for a few hours. This is really important especially while you are potty training them. The play pen should have 4 areas:  Sleeping, Eating, Potty, and Play.  The Clearly Loved Pets pens are expensive but amazing. You'll want to get 36" in height because these dogs can jump high.

Vinyl Flooring cut to order  Great to go under the puppy play pen so you can have the play pen on carpet in your main family room. Lowes sells vinyl flooring in rolls so you have to buy in 12' long sections but can cut down to size with scissors. I bought a 12' x 5' section and then cut it in half so I had two 5' x 6' sections. It cost me $60 and I got two puppy floorings from it and it looks great in my house. They have many different designs and colors like rock or wood flooring so you can find something that looks good in your home.

Washable pee pads. I always recommend potty training to go outside. But sometimes if you live in the city in an apartment it isn't an option. So the next best thing are these washable pads. Just flush or toss the stinks off of them and then wash at the end of the night and add a little white vinegar. Wish your laundry soap to kill any smell. 



Toothbrush and Toothpaste. Get them used to brushing their teeth while they are young so that they will be used to it when they are older. Brushing their teeth every day is recommended, but try to at least brush once a week on bath day. 

Small Nail Clippers. These were recommended to me by a trusted breeder, they have a built in light that makes it easier to trim tiny nails. You'll need these Nail Clippers for when they grow older.

Hair brush for wet hair. Gently detangles and helps to get a quicker fluffy blow dry.

Hair brush for when hair is dry. Make sure to brush every few days to avoid mats.

Groomer Hair Dryer. This thing dries your dog so much faster than your average human blow dryer. It has a low and high heat and a dial to adjust to almost no wind speed to insanely intense wind speed. Its amazing!

Shampoo. Puppy shampoo is important so puppies don't get irritated skin. This one smells wonderful. 

Conditioner makes your puppies coat super soft and smells so good! I know it says de-shedder on it and we don't need to worry about shedding, but I like it because of the smell.

Ear Wash & Dry.  Use these once a week at bath time. Put a few drops in then rub ears and wipe out with a cotton ball. This is really important for our puppies because they have the adorable long floppy ears that can get infection easily. 

Tear Stain Comb Use this very fine tooth flea comb to help get out the eye boogies if your pup tends to get them. It's important to keep up on maintenance trimming of the corner of the eyes (and potty areas) of your pup. That will help a lot to keep eye gunk from forming hard crusties in the fur on the corner of the eyes.


Crate. I like the crates with the divider to make it so the crate can grow in size with the puppy as you crate/potty train. 30 inch size and the double door makes it easy to fit into different areas. 

Crate cover. Dogs like having a cosy enclosed place they can go to when they want to feel safe or sleep. 

Bed. My dogs love this bed and it is easy to wash. 

Snuggle Puppy, can help with puppies at night, and being left alone for short times especially if this is your only dog.

Food & Treats

Food and water bowls, custom madeThese are adorable and the medium size is perfect. The bowls need to be stainless steel like these, or ceramic.

Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy is the food your puppy will come home eating, chicken is the first ingredient and my dogs LOOOOOVE it! It is 86-86% digestible which the only dog foods that beat that are Royal Canine 91% and HIlls Science Diet 91% but they are three times the price. Taste of the wild is another good one that is 88% digestible and budget friendly too. I recommend they stay on this for the first year as their body is growing. As your puppy gets older, you can switch to Diamond Naturals All Life Stages

Chew treat. I love these cow hooves. They last a super long time and I have yet to met a dog or puppy that didn't love them. These will be your best friend through your puppies teething months.



Toys - Ok this is for sure a guilty pleasure of mine! So many toys to choose from! It is so fun to discover what your pup prefers. Once they have had all their shots you can even let them down to pick their own toys at your local pet store. 


My pups fav toys: Bob-a-lot, Cat Tunnel, Dragon PlushyAntler ChewSnuffle Mat, Yak Chews, Squeaky Balls, Teething toy pack, Bacon Flavored Benebone, Small Tennis Balls, Rope toys.

Seatbelt. I know we all want to hold our dogs all day but it is important to keep our dogs and the driver safe while in the car.

Carseat. I have heard good reviews about these. 

Leash. Love the color selection.

Harness. Super important to have a harness not just a collar to a leash. Harnesses protect little dogs fragile throats.


Collar or Collar. Tons of cute collars out there. I personally like solid color collars with a cute tag. 

Custom Tags or Custom Tags.  I love adorable tags! These Etsy shops will make you something custom and adorable, ask for the smaller size tags so your cute puppy doesn't have a huge tag dangling from his neck, and they can put your phone number on the back.

I love talking about dogs and helping other dog owners with their questions so please feel free to ask me anything!
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