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Puppy Training

How We Raise & Train Our Puppies

How puppies are raised and trained during the first weeks of their lives makes a huge difference. All the difference. Our focus is to set all our puppies up for success. We are intentional in the way we raise and train our puppies starting from day one.  We use ENS, Desensitizing protocols and Puppy Culture.  You can watch us in action during our live videos, stories and IGTV videos on instagram @pawtastic.doodles where we regularly post videos and photos of our work & training real-time!

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“I am suspicious of a person who does not like dogs, but I trust a dog who does not like a person.” - Bill Murry

Early Neurological Stimulation(ENS) & Early Scent Introduction (ESI

Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction are pillars of our Badass Breeder & Puppy Culture curriculums.  Both are performed on days 3-16 of the puppies' lives.  These protocols are proven to make puppies stronger, healthier, confident while improving life-long temperament and adaptiveness.

Desensitizing Puppies

As soon as puppies eyes and ears open we begin our sight and sound desensitizing training.  We introduce the puppies to new things each day, including new areas of the home and yard, new smells, textured items, toys, sounds, flooring, food dishes, and temperatures

Developmental Puppy Nursery 

Puppies are raised with our family in our home. We have areas dedicated specifically for puppy play.  They are also exposed to normal and varied sounds, smells, and activities of a busy home.  Puppy Culture curriculum establishes specific weeks with intentional goals based on experience and research proven methods. 
The first 8 weeks of a puppy's life is a critical period where responses to the world around them are formed.  We routinely receive positive feedback about how easily our puppies respond to training and adjust to their new homes.  The Puppy Culture and Badass Breeder Methods yield well-adjusted, confident pets with
happy pet owners! 

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