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Frequently Asked Questions

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“Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog; but you’re never friendless ever, if you have a dog.”

How do I Reserve a Puppy?

To reserve a Pawtastic doodle, please visit our puppy application. Please tell us a little more about the litter you are interested in, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We like to get to know you a little, so we know our puppy is going to a great home. All reservations are kept in the order of deposit received. Your puppy is not reserved until we have your deposit. For more information regarding our waitlist process go HERE

How much is the deposit?

The deposit amount is $500. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to future litters. We accept Zelle, Venmo or Paypal & CC for deposits. The remainder is due at pickup or before shipment. 


Ma​ny of our puppers have their own Instagram accounts which allows us to share them throughout their lives.



𝓡𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓮 (@itsme_cavapooreese)

Millie (@millie.lou_cavapoo) | Instagram

Kimmy (@maki.lanna.2cavapoo) | Instagram

Mabel 🐾 (@mabel.the.cavapoodog) | Instagram

Georgie 🤎🤍 (@itsgeorgiethecavapoo) | Instagram

𝒫𝑒𝓃𝓃𝓎 💘 (@cavapoo.named.penny) | Instagram

brunocavapoo (@bruno.tiny.cavapoo) | Instagram

Emmie (@emmie.the.mighty.cavapoo) | Instagram

Archie - multi-gen cavapoo (@archiethecavapoofl) | Instagram

🏎️ t u r b o (@herecomesturbo) | Instagram

Kiwi.bucatini.cavapoo (@kiwi.bucatini_cavapoo) | Instagram

Neo Woodward (@neo.theidahocavapoo) | Instagram

Mochi Momo 🐾 (@mochi_momo_the_cavapoo) | Instagram

NoodleBee🐝 (@noodle.bee.cavapoo) | Instagram

𝓡𝓮𝓮𝓼𝓮 (@itsme_cavapooreese) | Instagram

Lani McNoodles (@laninoodle) | Instagram

Chewie & Pennie (@chewie.and.pennie) | Instagram

cheech (@doncheech.rock) | Instagram

Azzi (@azzi_nhcavapoo) | Instagram

Winnie the Cavapoo (@cava.poowinnie) | Instagram

Tony 🍝 (@rigatonigabagool) | Instagram

Muppet The Cavapoo (@muppettakesmanhattan) | Instagram

Ziya Cavapoo (@ziya.cavapoo) | Instagram

Sophie (@sophiecavapooaz) | Instagram

Lucy (@littlelucy_cavapoo) | Instagram

Huck Finn Viel (@huckfinnthecavapoo) | Instagram

Cashew (@the.cavapoo.cashew) | Instagram

THOR (@thor_dogofthunda) | Instagram

Cookie Wigglebottom III (@cookiecalicavapoo) | Instagram

Olive.Rose.the.Cavapoo (@miss.oliverose) | Instagram

@luna_pupper_oc | Instagram

@adventures_of_olive_thecavapoo | Instagram

Hannah Balke (@hannahthecavapoo_godsgrace) | Instagram

Katie Farrell Williams (@winnie_girl.cavapoo) | Instagram

Leo the Cavapoo (@leo.hendrixx) | Instagram

Mookie 🐾 (@mookie.the.cavapoo) | Instagram

Bruin the Cavapoo (@the_mighty_bruin) | Instagram

B E A U (@beaubearcavapoo) | Instagram

Poppy the Cavapoo (@the.desert.poppy) | Instagram

Dobbins (@dobbins_thecav) | Instagram

Nugget (@nuggiesadventures) | Instagram

Tilly (@watchtillyvision) | Instagram

Cosmo the Cavapoo 🐾 (@cosmofurever) | Instagram

Winnie Love (@winnielovethecavapooh) • Instagram photos and videos

W Y N N I E (@wynniethecavapooh) | Instagram

@sweet_miss_ellie | Instagram

Beau Love (@cavabeau) | Instagram

Lucy (@littlelucy_cavapoo) | Instagram

B E A U (@beaubearcavapoo) | Instagram


T O F U 🐻 (@bits.of.tofu) • Instagram photos and videos

Koffi (@koffikoodle) • Instagram photos and videos

Luna Niemann the travel and fashion doodle (@mini.lunadoodle) • Instagram photos and videos

Winnie The Goldendoodle (@winnie.thegoldenpoohdle) • Instagram photos and videos

Doori the Teacup Goldendoodle (@coco.dooridood) • Instagram photos and videos

Tiki (@tikithegdoodle) • Instagram photos and videos

B U D D Y (@imjussababy) • Instagram photos and videos

Henry the Goldendoodle (@little_henry_man) • Instagram photos and videos

Izzie 🐾 (@goodgirlizzie) • Instagram photos and videos

Emma & Kingston (@kingstonpom_skythedoodle) • Instagram photos and videos

ⒶⓊⓉⓊⓂ︎Ⓝ (@_autumn_goldendoodle_) • Instagram photos and videos

Ellie & Alli (@ellieandalli) • Instagram photos and videos

Tenor (@tenor_thedood) • Instagram photos and videos

Hugo (@hugominigoldendood) • Instagram photos and videos

Oakley “oakeybear” the doodle (@oakeybear_thedoodle) • Instagram photos and videos

Ruby June (@sweet_rubyjune) • Instagram photos and videos

Frizzle Lizzy Brown (@littlemissfrizzle) • Instagram photos and videos

Toby (@tobytheminidood_) • Instagram photos and videos

Honey (@sweethoney_xoxo) • Instagram photos and videos

KavKirk Kirk Kavanagh (@kavkirk) • Instagram photos and videos

Bailey 🐶🐾 (@baileyarctic) • Instagram photos and videos

Pumpkin Spice 🎃 (@pumpkin.noodle.the_doodle) • Instagram photos and videos

Marli & Minnie (@marliandminnie) • Instagram photos and videos

Jet Hughes (@thatdoodjet) • Instagram photos and videos

Mando the Doodle (@mando.the.doodle) • Instagram photos and videos

L O U I S E (@louise_dood) • Instagram photos and videos

Teddy (@tedofhousebear) • Instagram photos and videos

Arrow (@arrow_hendrix) • Instagram photos and videos

Valentina (@caligoldendoodle_valentina) • Instagram photos and videos

Winter Rose (@winter_rose_the_doodle) • Instagram photos and videos

Kensington “KJ” James (@its_kj_dood) • Instagram photos and videos

Biscuit (@biscuit_redgoldendoodle) • Instagram photos and videos

Ripley (@ripcityripley) • Instagram photos and videos

Willow 🐾 (@willow_the.doodle) • Instagram photos and videos

Popcorn The Doodle (@popcornthedoodlee) • Instagram photos and videos

Desiree Marr & Mark Smit (@blaze.thedood) • Instagram photos and videos

Gibson (@gibson_goldendoodle1314) • Instagram photos and videos

Pawsitively Copper (@pawsitivelycopper) • Instagram photos and videos

Mochi 🐶 (@mochi.shelhamer.doodle) | Instagram


Will you keep my puppy past 8 weeks?

We believe that puppies bond best with their new families when they go home between the ages of 7-8 weeks. If you cannot pick up your puppy at 8 weeks, we can keep them until 9 weeks at a cost of $50 per additional day. If you cannot pick up your puppy until past 9 weeks then we ask that you reserve a puppy from a different litter that the timing works better. 

What is the difference between an F1, F1B, and Multi-gen? 

F1 refers to the cross between two purebred dogs- A Golden Retriever crossed to a Poodle or King Charles Cavalier crossed to a Poodle. This generation cross gives a 50/50 mix, genetically they will have a combination of attributes between the two parents. Coats in F1s can vary in terms of the percentage of hair shedding. Some will be nearly completely non-shedding and others will have a percentage of hair that still sheds. There can be variation within this generation in terms of coat but most will be a loose wavy coat through to a curly wave. The reason someone would choose this generation is that they have a more even combination of the genetics and personality of the parent breeds.

F1b’s are a Goldendoodle or Cavapoo crossed to a Poodle- with 75% poodle, their coats are usually fairly consistently, low to non-shedding. Typically half of the litter will be have a curly coat and half will have a looser wavy coat. They are more suited to a family that may have mild allergies or that feel strongly about shedding in their dog. 

F2 or Multi-Generational refer to two Cavapoo or Goldendoodle parents that are bred together to achieve a multi-generational cross. The attributes can vary, but the idea behind multi-gen breeding is to reach a consistent pairing between desirable attributes from both parents.


I live out of state, How can I pick up my puppy?



2) Flight Nanny: Our Flight nanny personally carries your puppy from the Salt Lake City airport to the closest major airport near you. The price is typically $550 - $1200 and the nanny carries the puppy with her in a breathable, soft travel carrier in cabin with her, the whole time. The puppy has treats, a chance to go the bathroom along the way and lots of love and snuggles from her as they travel.

3) Airport PICK UP: WE can meet you at the Salt Lake City airport with your puppy and if you need the take home package we will provide the carrier (or you can bring your own) which will have everything ready for you puppy to fly home for $30. 

Can I take my puppy to public places when I first get them?

During weeks 8-16  puppies learn many of their lifelong social skills but they can also acquire fears and nervous behaviors can develop. During this time our puppies should be kept safe from communicable diseases before they are fully immunized (which is typically under 16-18 weeks) but it is also important to have them meet new people, dogs, smells, and sounds during this time. Having your puppy go with you to safe places - trusted family members and friend’s homes where you know that their dogs are healthy and fully immunized is a good compromise between keeping your puppy away from potential illnesses but also allowing them to experience new things. It is important to keep them away from places that carry high risks for Parvo and other illnesses. Keep your under-immunized puppy away from pet stores, high foot traffic places like dog parks, sidewalks and when you go to the vet, hold your puppy off the ground. Please be aware in the first 2 months that they can pick things up at places like the vet from other sick dogs, but taking precautions like removing your shoes before entering your house, not letting the puppy lick shoes and other contaminated surfaces will help reduce the risk. 

Will the puppy have vaccinations and deworming before coming home?

The puppies are typically de-wormed 3 times before they go home ( 3, 5, 7 weeks) and have their vet health check up and first set of vaccinations at 6-7 weeks. The next set of shots will be due at 9 weeks. It is important to keep your puppy on schedule for their puppy vaccinations. Your vet can discuss the best plan at your first vet appointment when the puppy goes home.  In order to fulfill the requirements of our LIFETIME health guarantee,  a vet exam within 72 hrs of the puppy coming home is required to ensure your puppy arrived home in good health.


How often should I feed my puppy?

Most puppies will need to eat 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The quantity varies, depending on the age and size of the puppy, and the quality of the food. Once food is offered for 15 minutes and they lose interest in eating, take it away.  Take your puppy out to the bathroom within the next 20 minutes. Don’t feed your puppy too late at night or your pup will need to go to the bathroom more often when you want to be sleeping! Teacup size puppies will need feeding more often 4-5 times a day as their blood sugar levels can drop to dangerously low levels quite quickly if they are not eating regularly. 

How do you start the puppies on potty training?

Litter POTTY training begins at 3 weeks. Puppies learn to separate their sleeping, playing and food area from the potty area. With consistency and patience, they will be given more room to play, as they get bigger, and by the time they are weaning from mom they typically have it down!  Please refer to our training section HERE   

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