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Reviews & Testimonials

“In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag.”
                                                          -W.H. Auden


Hi Julie ! Wasn’t sure if you preferred text or dms for your testimonials but I definitely had to let you know how grateful we are to have Henry (formerly Finch) in our lives and what a fantastic experience we’ve had with you as a breeder. He is so smart, adjusted to crate training quickly, impresses the vet at every check up and is consistently noted as the cutest dog ever by strangers. All that is just the cherry on top of how much love he gives us daily and how bonded we feel ! I really appreciated your transparent communication/education through this entire process, the Instagram community you provide and the care you put into raising puppies. We are recommending you to all our friends and family and would be happy to be a reference in the future too.


Los Angeles, CA

Our experience with Julie at Pawtastic was absolutely seamless. She explained her processes to us at the beginning, we kept up to date with all the puppies on IG and then came our time to select. It’s now been almost 5 months with our hunk, Henry, and what a bundle of joy he is. Everyone comments on how well behaved, cute and unique he is! Weird to think he wasn’t in our lives this entire time! Thank you!


Juno Beach, Florida

Our family is so in love with sweet Paddington. He has made himself right at home. He loves his crate, he seems to already be potty trained - we haven't had any accidents and he already knows to cue us when he needs to go , and he slept ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. We can only think of one reason he is such an amazing pup and that's YOU! Thank you for loving on him so much and preparing him for our family. He is in love with the boys and they call him their little brother ♥️ Paddington and I have bonded so much he is my little shadow , and he absolutely loves playing and cuddling with Lewis. I wish I could find the words to thank you bc thank you doesn't seem enough. Paddington has completed our family, and filled our hearts with so much love. Jesus knew what he was doing when my husband heard about you and we connected. 
You will always have a special place in our hearts and if you are ever in the area we would love to have you over 


Cape Cod

Working with pawtastic doodles was the most incredible experience start to finish. Julie spent 1 hour on the phone with us to give us all the information we needed about her family, her breeding style and all the years of research she does to help her be the best breeder she can. She posts many detailed videos on Instagram of the individual puppies and continues even after they have been chosen. She really listens to your needs and wants on the exact type of dog your looking for and once she has gotten to your name on the waitlist she immediately sends you a text with the all the dogs available. She is always available for questions before the puppy comes home and after. Her husband Darren was incredible to fly our little Rosie out to Boston Logan airport and after a long plane ride , spent a long time with us giving us as much information as possible for a smooth transition while handing the puppy over. Julie reached out to us a few hours after receiving Rosie to check in on how everything was going! She continues to keep in touch through Instagram and loves when we tag her on our dog’s Instagram post. Rosie had an extremely smooth transition to our home and came potty trained, ate and drank well, and not afraid of loud noises. She sleeps through the night and is the friendliest and most social puppy who loves snuggles! We love our Rosie so much! Thank you so much pawtastic doodles for everything! We highly recommend them! 


Hollywood, CA

We are absolutely thrilled with our decision to use Julie/Pawtastic Doodles as the breeder for our sweet cavapoo, Luna. While we were doing our research, Julie always made herself available to chat on the phone or via email.  My husband and I really appreciated her scientific approach to breeding healthy puppies without medical or behavioral issues. Once we decided to go with Pawtastic, Julie provided introduction and connection with the other litter mates’ “parents”, as well as multiple photo and video updates of our sweet puppy as we waited for her arrival at the 7/8 week mark. We have raised 3 different puppies in the last 30 years (all poodle mixes), and this puppy from Pawtastic has been the most well-adjusted, easy-to-train, snuggly, sweet girl ~ not to mention heart-melting adorable!!  It is obvious that her ENS and exposure techniques make a huge difference.
We also appreciated her connection with Puppy Port (to fly our puppy home to us) and the introduction to the Baxter and Bella training company - both top notch. If you are thinking about purchasing a puppy from a breeder, we would highly recommend that you consider Pawtastic Doodles.

Mookie (Astro)

Melborne, FL

I wanted to reach out as Mookie (Astro – Galaxy Litter) is 3 months old today and has been home for 1 month now. He is an absolute joy, we are SO in love with him and he is the perfect fit for our family! He has a super sweet and fun personality, as well as, an amazing demeanor. He is very intelligent and has been very easy to potty and crate train. We know this is all because of the exposure training, neutering, and love you gave him in those first crucial weeks. I am so grateful and beyond thankful we chose you, Pawtastic Doodles, as our Cavapoo breeder. I knew from the first time I spoke to you that you were the breeder for us. Your knowledge and passion for breeding outstanding dogs are simply remarkable! Thank you for bringing such an amazing and beautiful dog into our lives.

We look forward to continuing to share Mookie’s progress and hopefully growing our Pawtastic Doodle family one day! 


Los Angeles, CA

We are absolutely in love with little Lily (formerly Tesla)! ❤ Our little family is now complete with this beautiful, well behaved, fun loving puppy who will be our daughter's BFF! Lily slept through the first night with no problems and was basically already potty trained at 9 weeks… Unbelievable in the best way! She continues to sleep through the night and we are over the moon…We are so grateful that you found us the perfect puppy for our family - thank you! The thoughtful care and love you put into your program are evident.

We are recommending Pawtastic Doodles to our friends and family who have been asking about our dearest Lily!


Houston, TX

Pawtastic Doodles was selected as our choice as the top breeder based on several attributes. My husband and I have been dog owners of several breeds throughout our lives. Pawtastic Doodles offered us a different breed in a Cavapoo fulfilling our list of desires. Julie, owner of Pawtastic Doodles, was instrumental in describing the appearance, size, and characteristics of a Cavapoo. Julie was always very easy to contact via email, text, and phone. Julie’s Instagram site is updated frequently. It is phenomenal presenting Cavapoos and Golden Doodles that are seeking a forever home. Julie’s tirelessdrive, knowledge and dedication to her puppies and mothers is shown through her postings on Instagram of video clips andprofessional produced photos of the puppies.  

Julie worked with us during the time prior to delivery telling us she would find us the “Perfect Pup “and she did. Prior to our puppy selection day, we watched the different puppies on Julie’s Instagram site. This truly gave us the confidence that our puppy selection was the correct one.

Julie uses the eight weeks she has the puppies to tend to medical requirements and to initiate her proprietary puppy curriculum she developed. Her program includes desensitizing with daily massages, especially paws, different sounds, surfaces,socialization, and surroundings (even car washes) to better condition the puppies for their forever home. Julie’s partnership with Baxter & Bella, an online Puppy School, has proven to provide future owners with puppies that have a solid foundation for life. Our Cavapoo, Winnie, was essentially potty and crate trained when we took delivery after eight weeks.

The wellness and care of the puppies and mothers are Julie’s top priority. Puppies are given his/her first immunizations and preventive treatments. 

Preparations for receiving Winnie was made very easy with the extensive detail instructions developed by Julie in her “New Puppy Handbook”. The material covers all aspects needed for a new puppy from the type of food, training to grooming details. Julie also established an Instagram thread for the future puppy owners allowing the new owners to share ideas such as toys, crates, and daily routines.

As we neared our puppy “Gotcha Day”, we elected to take advantage of a service Julie has used for many years called “Puppy Port”. Winnie was delivered to the Salt Lake City airport by Julie then handed over to a wonderful and experienced courier who delivered Winnie to Houston. She arrived in excellent condition full of love and kisses. Julie provided the carrier, medical records, food for a week, toys, blanket andsnuggle pup with a heartbeat both with scents of her mother and litter.

Overall from selecting a breeder, preparing for a new puppy at home, training regiment provided by Julie and Baxter & Bella,to delivery by Puppy Port, Julie’s experience and attention to details made the entire process very easy and delightful.

We absolutely recommend Pawtastic Doodles as a source for your new puppy. For additional information, please feel free to contact me. I always want to share our wonderful experience.


Tucson, AZ

Poppy is now 17 weeks old and I would say that I was waiting enough time to let her acclimate before writing this, but honestly she felt right at home from Day 1! All the work you put in with your pups really shows. Poppy sleeps in her crate every night with no problems. She is the most loving and playful puppy! She is not scared of much at all! She loves the vet (honestly, she just loves meeting new people!) and she gets along with other dogs she has met so far!

She came home during our monsoon season when we have loud and violent thunderstorms and she slept right through them. She is a perfect little angel and so smart! I can’t thank you enough for the love and care you put into raising her the first 7-8 weeks of her life. Truly blessed to have found you! I love how you keep in touch with your families as well! It really makes us all feel like a big happy family and I really appreciate that!

Finn (COSMO) 


I wanted to thank Julie and her family to say how much we love our little Finn aka Cosmo from the Galaxy litter! He is so adorable and so loving. And he was exposed to so many different sounds and objects that he adapted really well to our home! He is so smart and adventurous! He is in perfect health and at 12 weeks, he weighs 4.4 lbs! Julie, the whole process of getting a puppy was so easy! You returned every text or email and I truly appreciated that! I also appreciate that you have a screening process because you care about every one of these beautiful puppies and where they are going when they leave your home!! You have a stellar reputation and I can see why! I did a lot of research when looking to adopt a cavapoo puppy and I kept going back to your website because you truly care about the health and wellbeing of each and every one of your puppies! My family and I cannot imagine our lives without Finn! He has brought us so much joy! I look forward to adopting a second puppy in the near future! We look forward to sharing Finn's adventures with you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  


Los Angeles, CA

I can hardly believe over one week has gone by since Sprout moved in! Here is a little testimonial for you highlighting what a truly exceptional experience this has been. 

It was clear from my first call with Julie last fall that she was in a league of her own! The research, diligence, and care she puts into her pups sets everyone up for success. Being a first-time puppy owner I was plenty nervous about how this would go, but I've been nothing but blown away by what a sweet, adaptable, and incredibly bright pup Sprout is! She slept peacefully in her crate from the first night, learned how to potty in her grass patches by day two, and is already sitting, staying, and coming like a little boss. She hasn't even bat an eyelash during our community's fire alarm testing this week - meanwhile her pawrent is developing a twitch from the constant alarms haha. Of course everyone thinks their child is a genius, but this is all to say Julie's early education and socialization methods produce wonderful results! Her entire program and process is thoughtful, fair, and efficient. Trust in her and I have no doubt you'll be united with the perfect little soul for you. I certainly was! As I type this, little Sprout is running laps around the living room with pauses to potty in her grass. She's a brave explorer and an absolute delight that sprouts joy everywhere she goes! 



It has been a week filled with love, snuggles, joy and awe with our beloved Murphy (Missy's Tenerife). Murphy came to us in sunny Florida with the most lovable temperament, incredible patience and trainable personality. He has been exceptionally well behaved with our young girls and their excitement and so snuggly with us as his "paw-rents". Most of all, through your exposure program, Murphy has been so amazing with his crate, especially overnight, since he came to us. He has made it all the way through the night since day 1! At the end of every day, we remark what an amazing puppy he is. We are so lucky to be his family. Thank you for all you do! 



We wanted to let you know that Remy (formerly Puddle Duck) has brought happiness into our lives that we didn’t know we needed. He is an absolute love bug, he LOVES everyone he meets, if someone doesn’t pay attention to him while he’s out and about, he can’t figure out why. We always say he just loves love. Your dedication to these puppies shows the minute your puppy arrives! We used the flight nanny and that experience was also amazing! Our nanny Armando was so kind, he took pictures for us and handled our little Remy with care, it was obvious that he loves what he does (how could you not love being with puppies?)! Remy came home and instantly became part of our family. He fit right in, he wasn’t hesitant, or afraid. He started eating right away, he didn't even have any tummy issues ( we were expecting this with a little puppy that just traveled from Utah to Florida). He slept for 8 hours his first night and continues to be a good sleeper. He uses his potty pads and lets us know when he needs to go outside. He knows how to sit and stay, walks amazingly on a leash, isn't bothered by strange sounds, he loves his puppy/toddler pool and he loves going on our boat and swimming. He's just pure perfection.
We were hesitant about adding another dog to our family since our current 2 year old Cavapoo had been our only dog for a while. He’s very calm and extremely well behaved, we were afraid of “ruining” his demeanor by adding another puppy to the family. Julie was very patient with us and after weighing the pros and cons for nearly a year, we decided to proceed. We knew Julie was the only breeder that we would use after following her on Instagram. From her videos, pictures, puppy training, desensitizing practices, and a tremendous amount of information that she provides, Julie is the only breeder that I would ever use again. (please don’t ever retire). Julie asked questions about our current male dog to help us find our best fit. We were set on adding a female to our family but after seeing Remy’s videos and how calm he was, we asked Julie for some advice and now we have 2 boys and they just love each other to no end. Remy stops what he's doing when I play Julie's voice on her IG videos, I can see the love he has for her.
The waitlist… it’s a science that could be difficult to understand, just be patient and your puppy will be waiting for you at just the right time. The Instagram group chat is great and full of resources and amazing puppy parents. If you read everything that Julie provides us, you really shouldn’t have many questions. She even has an Amazon shop that is great for new or not so new puppy parents. These are not our first puppies and I just feel like I learned so much during this process.
Thank you Julie for helping us give our family the best addition we could have asked for. Remy has brought his brother out of his shell, given him a new brother for life, and he’s even made him a better eater!

Trixie (BREEZE)

New Jersey

She was the apple of everyone’s eye at the vet. She received a clean bill of health. And I must say, she has been adjusting quite well. I’ll be sending you a brief recap of our 1st week together…It’s been wonderful!


Dallas, TX

I wanted to thank Julie and the entire Pawtastic Doodles family for managing such a great program.  She is very thorough in providing information during the entire process.  From announcing the Mom is pregnant, sonograms, the birth and weekly videos of the first weeks of the puppies life.  It is very apparent this is not a job for her but a passion.  She is just an email, text, phone call or group chat away at all times. Kiwi has exactly the temperament proven by being bred from calm parents and handled by experts from her birth. Week 1 of bringing her home she learned to potty outside.  In week 2 she learned how to sit and stay. Week 3 she learned how to ring the bell on the door to go outside. Thank you so much for all the love and care you gave to Kiwi Bucatini in her first 8 weeks.
You are a blessing to our family.

Finley (BRIAR)

Seattle, WA

We are already so in love with our little golden cavapoo and it’s been only five days since we got him. Not only is Finley gentle, sweet, calm and a total love bug, but he’s also playful and so smart! He’s completely unfazed by loud sounds (i.e. July 4th fireworks and garbage trucks), is almost fully potty trained and sleeps through the night in his crate. Finley’s amazing temperament is 100% because of Julie and is a true testament to the love, care and hard work that she puts into these puppies. We knew that bringing a puppy into our home was a huge responsibility so it was important for us to find and work with a breeder that we can trust. I’m so glad we found Julie and cannot thank her enough for our perfect puppy. 

Dobbins (ORBIT)


Thank you, Julie, for all you do. I followed the Pawtastic process for 8 months before purchasing Dobbins. From the moment we picked him the process was seamless. The communication, love, support and detail that went into ensuring his safe arrival and how to continue to care for him EXCEEDED my expectations. Also, the time she took to desensitize him was a lifesaver. Dobbins adapted to his new environment immediately. He slept through his first night and was able to learn his potty bell and the commands “sit”, “come” and “stay” within the first week. His demeanour is precious (calm, loving, playful, super smart) and everyone that has met him is totally in love. Not to mention, his color, size and coat are literally PERFECT. We could not be happier, our hearts could not be fuller and would recommend Pawtastic Doodles, Baxter and Bella training and Puppy Port transport to anyone who asks!!!!

Dallas (CRANE)

Chicago, IL

Crane, Now (Dallas) is doing amazing. I can tell he received plenty of love, belly rubs and cuddles before I got him. He is so precious and spoiled with affection already. He has the absolute best personality and temperament. The flight nanny also complimented him on his sweet personality and how lovable and well-behaved he was on the plane ride here to us. He slept peacefully on night two in the crate. He also did great at his first vet visit today. The vet said he is extremely spoiled and we were the most well-prepared family he's met. Everything checked out great and he is 100% healthy.  He weighs 2 lbs 2 oz today. He loves car rides and watching cartoons in his crate. I am absolutely happy with Dallas and you as a breeder. He was definitely worth the wait.

Disco (HAZEL)


After 2+ years of researching ethical breeders who incorporate ENS and early potty training into their programs (we weren’t messing around!), we landed on Pawtastic Doodles. Buying a pup out of state feels scary, but Julie was always available, accommodating and transparent throughout our interactions—and her very thorough IG account. Puppies are cute without all this, yes, but adopting a well-balanced, solid family pet who is loving, healthy and already accustomed to training, made a huge difference to us, as rookie dog owners. Our tiny-but-mighty pup Disco (from Willow x Echo) only knows how to give love, kisses and make friends—even with tough New Yorkers. She does the goofiest, silliest things and reminds us all to laugh and love more. Even my husband, reluctant dog owner that he was, has fallen head-over-heels and she clearly views him as a pack leader! We are constantly asked where Disco is from and always direct them to your IG account, Julie. Thank you for our ridiculous love bug. We wouldn’t ever want to go back to life without her. 

Hannah (GRACE)

Sacramento, CA

We are so in love with our Hannah girl! She brings sooo much joy to our lives!

I highly recommend Pawtastic Doodles. My puppy was born fighting for her life. Her name was Fighter for a reason. Julie gladly took the time to feed her by hand never missing a feeding until she was able to nurse on her own. Julie made sure all her medical needs were taken care of through a trusted Veterinarian and took all the steps necessary to ensure her health. When I saw how well cared for Little Fighter was I reached out to Julie. I was not looking for a puppy in fact the only reason I was following Pawtastic Doodles was because we have a Doodle and it is fun seeing other Doodles. Julie and I connected immediately. I loved how she loves all the puppies. I love how she loves and values life. I love her passion for what she does and how knowledgeable and compassionate she is. She puts a lot of work into the health and well-being of all her puppies. They are very well-natured when you receive them. They are not shaking in fear scared of everything. We named our puppy Hannah, which is the Hebrew name for God's Grace. We love her so very much. I cannot even imagine my life without her. She is healthy, a little wild at times, and happy. I am so thankful for strong courageous women like Julie who stand for what they believe and will go the extra mile even for a puppy. We are a blessed family because of her sacrifice from the very beginning of Hannah’s life.

Sundae (IRIS)

Reno, NV

She's perfect. Life is full of unexpected little miracles. Sundae (AKA Iris) is a joy and blessing. Thank you, Julie, and to your family, for this precious gift. I couldn't be happier. Your dedication and attention to detail made for a smooth transition. I am grateful for every step of the process. Much love and appreciation. 

Kelce (THATCH)

Philadelphia, PN

Julie! I don't know where to start. Kelce has made an incredibly fast and easy adjustment to the East Coast! Everything you have lovingly done for him is so evident and appreciated! He's so "chill" and friendly and affectionate, he has reached "Rock star" status with my huge family and all who meet him in our little seashore town. Today he had a wonderful check-up with our local vet. Also, he sleeps through the night in his crate with no problem. Eats well... loves his toys.. and naps regularly! He even likes Frank Sinatra! What more could I have asked for? We adore him already... and the funny part in all this? What waitlist? It vanishes from one's memory upon "gotcha day." Love you and your dedication. It pays off in a BIG way for your families! Bravo and thank you! 

Riva (SUNNY)

Los Angeles, CA

We just want to say THANK YOU again! We couldn't be happier with her and she is a true star! On her flight to us LA everyone on the plane wanted to pet her and that has never stopped. Everywhere we go we get stopped multiple times and EVERYONE says she is the cutest dog they've ever seen! We couldn't agree more! Not only is she the cutest dog in the world, but she's also incredibly smart! She already learned to sit, shake hands, down, dance and also to stay! She is brilliant! She is also great with other dogs and babies which makes it so easy for us to bring her everywhere we go! We are so proud and thankful! We tell everyone about you and how happy we were with the whole service you provide! Thank you for bringing Riva to out life! We couldn't be happier! 


Dallas, TX

Titus is the best dog ever! Everyone that meets him is in love! Our big dogs are really starting to warm up to him and love him too! He is doing so good, eating, doing well with potty training and sleeping awesome in his crate! Starting to get spoiled by being held and played with by someone at all times.. he's lucky that they're 6 of us to keep him entertained. 

Luna (Flora)


Luna is the best puppy! she's feisty, kind, loving and is the cutest little girl in the world. You all did such an amazing job raising her the first 2 months and I cannot thank you enough. She is my little soulmate and the biggest blessing. Thank you so much for being so understanding, and transparent and for truly making this whole entire process a great one. I recommend you to everyone I meet! XO


Just want to tell you how much we adore our Skye. He is the happiest, sweetest, cuddliest, pup we've ever met! He had his first half days at the practice and has done beautifully. He's crate trained, quiet, well mannered. His on-leash skills are stellar too. He is confident, quick to learn, and calm (even as a wee pup). Your effort to raise healthy well-adjusted pups is so deeply appreciated. We hope to get Skye a brother or sister in a few years, so you haven't heard the last of us (Pawtastic Clients for Life)

Lilo Capri 

Hi Julie! I wanted to let you know I am so happy with Lilo Capri! She is the best little pup and is sweet, cuddly, athletic and smart!  She has settled into her home wonderfully and is doing great with training and socialization.  Her transition to Chicago has been seamless and she is not afraid of the big city noises - It is clear she came to me very well-socialized and well-loved! Thank you so much for this amazing pup!



We have had our Neo (previously Rigatoni) for 2 weeks and can confidently say he is the sweetest little guy on the planet.  He has a very calm demeanour while still being super fun and playful! He’s been so amazing with our kids,  always playing with them and letting them hold, snuggle and pet him freely.  He came to us crate trained and now sleeps 8 hours in his crate every night! He is such a little lover too, always giving doggy kisses!  We take him out in public pretty much daily and he is definitely the star of the show and not fearful of strangers or sounds.  Julie and the Pawtastic Doodles program produces the most wonderful dogs and it’s clear through Neo that she puts a lot of time and attention into raising beautiful pups who come to you exposed to touch and sounds, super healthy & eager to be your best little friend. Patience is important while being on her waiting list, but if you trust the process, you will be so happy you did & take home the most wonderful puppy! Thank you, Julie!! 


We don't post a whole lot on IG so I just wanted to let you know that we are still in heaven!  Luna is the sunshine in our lives!  She brightens up every place she goes.  The staff at the vet fight over who gets to hold her😂 Our groomer loves her too- she is so well behaved and she says her goat is the most beautiful thing ever!  Luna literally has not met a person or doggo she doesn't immediately love.  My husband and I stare at her at some point every day, catch our breath and just couldn't be more grateful for our precious baby girl. 

Thank you for providing such an amazing start for her.

Leon (MOPSY)

Los Angeles, CA

I’m so thankful that I chose Pawtastics Doodles.  I spent a lot of time trying to find the right breeder for me and I’m so elated that I found you! Your guidance, expert knowledge and overall love of the breed have made this process of adopting a puppy so wonderful and has exceeded every expectation. It’s been 3 weeks since (Mopsy) Leon has joined my family, I can’t express how in love we are and how perfect he is! Leon transitioned so quickly into his new home, he slept in his crate the first night and ever since so peacefully. He truly is the sweetest boy with the best disposition of any puppy I’ve ever met. The early stages of training have been successful, he’s so obedient and has learned commands quickly.

Again, I can’t thank Pawtastics Doodles enough for the beautiful gift of being a puppy owner. I’ve already recommended your stellar program to a few of my friends. Thank you again for your detailed knowledge and for making this such a wonderful experience! 



Dear Julie, our family is so incredibly happy with our puppy Emmett formerly known as Mykonos. He has brought our entire family so much joy. The way you cared for him truly shows in his character and his temperament. He's been sleeping entirely through the night since the 5th night home with us. He is very smart and has taken to potty training so well. Having the Baxter and Bella training program has also been a huge help. Thank you so much for all that you do for these puppies and for the families they go to. It does not go unnoticed.


Julie, Thank you so much for all the effort you put into raising sweet Wilson (originally from Tasmania) for his first 10 weeks of life. Everything you do for these young pups is so appreciated by their forever families. Our Wilson is incredibly smart, sweet, calm and loves every human he comes in contact with. We love him to pieces!❤️


San Fran, CA

 I just wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful cavatappi now Mochi. She has been absolutely amazing. She sleeps in her crate till 7 o'clock in the morning. When I take her outside and she immediately goes potty. She has an amazing temperament and loves people and her big sis. She loves her pet carrier that the amazing flight nanny Trisha brought her in. I took her to work with me. when she gets tired, she climbs into her carrier and takes a nap and jumps out if she needs to potty on the pee pad. Just precious!! I am absolutely by her everyday. If anyone wants a new puppy, they absolutely need to get a Pawtastic doodle puppy.  They are the best 🥰


We recently got Sweet Pea (now Milly) pup from this Pawtastic and we are beyond pleased with our experience! Everything went so smoothly from the deposit, choosing the perfect pup and to gotcha day. Julie was so knowledgeable and provided us with all the information we needed to make an informed decision. She puts so much love and care in her puppies and we can definitely see that in Sweet Pea. She had such an easy transition, was well-socialized, and came with all the necessary stuff. We highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a quality puppy! 

Lola (Posey)


I have to thank you for your expertise, and the love that you shower your dogs and puppies with. Lola has been an angel puppy, she accepted us as her people day one, and she has been so easy to train!  She immediately took to her crate, sleeping through the first (and successive) nights. I believe she was potty trained by week 3 and hasn’t had any accidents since her first couple days with us. She is the only puppy i have met with patience!!! She calmly taps our 6 year old yorkie asking him to play! Our dog trainer even said she came from an exceptional breeder.

Thank you so much for all you do, we appreciate it.


I wanted to thank Julie and the entire Pawtastic Doodles family for managing such a great program.  She is very thorough in providing information during the entire process.  From announcing the Mom is pregnant, sonograms, the birth and weekly videos of the first weeks of the puppy's life.  It is very apparent this is not a job for her but a passion.  She is just an email, text, phone call or group chat away at all times.

Kiwi has exactly the temperament proven by being bred from calm parents and handled by experts from her birth. Week 1 of bringing her home she learned to potty outside.  In week 2 she learned how to sit and stay. Week 3 she learned how to ring the bell on the door to go outside.

Thank you so much for all the love and care you gave to Kiwi Bucatini in her first 8 weeks.
You are a blessing to our family.

BEAR (Mont Blanc)


When we decided to get a Cavapoo for our next dog my wife found you on instagram. We loved how detailed and thorough you were about the dogs. Right away you gave us references which I thought was super cool. You always answered our questions in a timely manner. We liked how you helped us with choosing what kind of dog we were looking for in size and appearance.

The puppy is happy and healthy. We can tell you spend a lot of time acclimating to life around the house. The curriculum was very detailed and helped a lot. Really good for the kids.

We thought 5 weeks was a little early to make the choice on a dog only because they change so much in that time. But I understand you have so much to plan for on getting them to us. We looked at a lot of photos of past litters. Also, after we were awarded with our pick it would have been nice to see a weekly picture or video of how the puppy was doing. 

We loved working with you and think you are an incredible breeder. Would definitely recommend and already have to many of our friends. Will reach out for another puppy in the future.



Thank you for all the effort you put into raising sweet Lani. Everything you do for these pups is so appreciated by their forever families. 


It has been a complete joy working with Julie from Day 1. Julie listened to my needs and matched me with the pup that worked best with my lifestyle. After some months Julie contacted me when the right personality came around. I’ve had Lani for 2 months, and she loves every human she comes in contact with. Lani’s incredibly smart, cuddly, healthy, loves hikes, and is a joy to be around. It’s a true honor to be Lani’s mom. 



A few words of appreciation for the Pawtastic Doodles team from my family…

You have made the past five months such a special time for my family.  Believe it or not, we found the waiting time very exciting and that’s because of Julie's diligence and transparency in communicating everything about her litters and puppies.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your process and puppies by watching all of your videos.  I especially appreciate that you got to know us and communicated with us along the way. 

We have an incredible little girl puppy and she is everything you promised!  Super healthy, great temperament, and a size that fits our family. 

You and your family really do dedicate your life to breeding these dogs. Thank you for everything!!!

Kensington KJ

Cory James - NY, NY

It’s been officially 2 weeks with my little KJ, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. From the very beginning, I knew Pawtastic Doodles was the right choice for me. Initially, that was just by looking at its website after researching different breeders for years. But I got a sense of comfort by seeing Julie and her family with all their pups. I also felt she had a wealth of knowledge on her page along with information about each of the mama and papa dogs. And need I say ALL of the litters were beautiful. Then I had my first phone call with Julie, and I was sold by her willingness to answer every question (and I had A LOT — lol) along with her passion for what she does. However, she didn’t make the conversation feel rushed, and Julie even encouraged me to reach out about anything no matter the time of day.


After putting down my deposit, I watched more of her videos on social media, witnessing the work she does with each litter from training — to techniques to increase exposure — to simply loving on them with her girls by her side. Every bit of it was confirmation. And that was validated after bringing KJ home. He’s a pure joy and has brought such happiness to my life in 14 days. His personality couldn’t be more perfect. Calm, playful, smart, healthy and he loves people, which is an added plus living in NYC.


Sometimes I’ll play Julie saying “puppy, puppy, puppies” from her Instagram videos and KJ’s eyes literally light up from hearing her voice as he jumps with excitement. For me that seals the deal that Pawtastic Doodles did everything right — raising my boy in an incredibly loving home. A place he'll never forget. And a place I'll return to for puppy #2.


Andrew - NY, NY

My dog Arrow, has been nothing but the best! The whole process was very detailed from start to finish with weekly updates up until the day he was sent over.  Honestly, I could not have asked for a better puppy or breeder. I would highly recommend Julie to any one, no second thoughts. She was so loving and attentive which i admired. She truly has a passion for breeding dogs. I was extremely happy with the desensitizing (ENS) that she did. Introducing them to new sounds and textures. It made Arrows transition home so much better and easier. He is such a happy smart boy. With that being said, I would give Julie and Pawtastic doodles a 10/10! The whole entire process was amazing! 



We can’t say enough wonderful things about our Pawtastic Doodles experience with Julie!  Today is our puppy Theo’s four month birthday (Theo was previously Iceman from the Top Gun litter) and we couldn’t be happier.  Theo has brought such joy into our lives and everyone who sees him adores him.  His personality is just the sweetest and he is such a love.  None of this could have been possible without the tremendous amount of love and care that Julie and her team gave to our Theo during his first weeks of life!  We cannot thank them enough! 


Danielle - Shreveport, Louisiana

I just want to start out by saying if you are debating on working with Pawtastic doodles... DO IT!!!!! You won’t regret it! We are so thankful and glad we did!! Julie is an amazing person/breeder who loves her dogs and goes above and beyond to make sure the whole process is smooth and the very best that it can be. From providing top of the line health care to courteous and friendly communication. She is always prepared and on top of her game. She gave us updates throughout the whole process and made us feel at ease. She was so helpful in answering any questions I had. She is very knowledgeable and truly passionate when it comes to breeding and her puppies! I loved that she was never pushy, and went the extra mile to make sure we got the right puppy that fit us and our family! Our puppie’s temperament, health and grooming was all more than I could have imagined!


We are beyond pleased and are so in love with our sweet Georgie! We can’t say thank you enough and will definitely use Julie again in the future!!!


Libby & Grady - Los Angeles, CA

If you are looking for a mini golden doodle or a cavapoo puppy, look no further than Pawtastic Doodles! Julie and her family provide the absolute best experience for both you and your puppy. I initially reached out to Julie with an eager list of questions and she diligently responded to every single one and ensured she would have the perfect puppy for our family. 


Well, our dream came true almost a year later and we’ve never been happier in our entire life! Julie is communicative, thoughtful, caring and genuinely wants you to have the puppy of your dreams. We were initially planning to get a puppy with one litter and made the tough decision to wait until the next, trusting we would have a puppy that was the perfect fit for our family. That decision was hard, but we are beyond grateful Julie took the time to vulnerably share every detail of the litter and genuinely wants you to have exactly what you are looking for in a puppy-not all breeders do.


 During the waiting period, Julie took the time to call me and discuss questions and frequently kept me updated anytime she had new information. Once the puppies are born, she provides update photos, videos and messages each and every step of the way, so you and your family can be a part of the puppy’s journey, beginning at birth! 


Our puppy, Louise, continues to hit every milestone quickly and we know that is because of the work and effort Julie put in during the critical growth period of her life. There are so many breeders out there, but no one can provide the kind of tailored and personal experience that Julie does. She and her family love your puppy like their own and we feel so grateful to have had such a positive and wonderful experience! 


Samara - NY, NY

I have only wonderful things to say about Julie and Pawtastic Doodles. She is so passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to dogs and breeding. From our very first conversation she was so sweet, sincere and put us at ease about the whole process. She kept us in the loop with every step of the way which we greatly appreciated as we had a ton of questions that she was always more than happy to answer! I knew I was looking for a breeder who does genetic testing on her dogs but Julie does all of that and more. She puts so much work into ensuring the puppies have ideal temperaments as well as a clean bill of health. Her use of ENS (early neurological stimulation) and sound exposure has proven to be immensely useful because we live in NYC and our puppy is so unphased by all of the sirens, traffic and other loud noises!


Teddy is absolutely adorable, cuddly and sweet. We were blown away by how well trained he was when he showed up (mostly pee pad trained, knew the “sit” command before we even tried to teach him, etc)! Everyone told us we’d have to sleep next to him for the first few nights but he loves his crate and even the first night he had no trouble sleeping. He has been an absolute dream and adds so much joy to our lives! We are so grateful to have found Julie and Pawtastic Doodles and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to bring a new puppy into their lives! 


Carrie - Albany, NY

Julie  and her family went above and beyond anything we could have imagined. The thoroughness, attentiveness, communication, honesty and love were all present throughout our experience. Julie is an angel on earth. She raises the puppies in her own beautiful, home where you know they are safe and secure. She is transparent and wants to please everyone. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch! It is hard to find one area of improvement. The only thing I can think of is one small minor detail, that slipped through the cracks.  We needed a flight nanny and didn’t know how they waited for an open seat on a flight. So they had to be flexible, as did we. In the end, it all worked out to everyone’s advantage! And we received the most perfect, beautiful, healthy, chill puppy!! Which is all we asked for J and we got that and much more.


Kenzie - Park City, Utah

"Archie is an angel. He is sweet, cuddly, energetic and playful. He brings so much happiness to our lives and makes coming home from work everyday so exciting! He has been so easy to train and is a great listener! Archie is always the center of attention when we bring him out in public. He loves everyone he meets and is always friendly. Pawtastic Doodles have been amazing breeders and have continued to check in on our sweet pup. Julie knows everything about golden doodles and will make sure you are getting the best dog ever! You can't go wrong with any of their puppies! We can't imagine life without Archie!"


Emily & Josh - Denver, CO

"Fate led us to Pawtastic doodles, Julie and our perfect Lincoln. We thank God everyday that it did! Not only is Lincoln the cutest dog in the world he is incredibly affectionate, attentive, intelligent, easy to train and “absolutely perfect!” health-wise says our vet!

From night one he has been right at home. No crying in his crate at night and no accidents! Potty training and crate training both have truly been a breeze! Lincoln adapts well to new environments and people. He hasn’t met a person (or child) that he doesn’t love and everyone who sees him falls in love at first sight.


The process with Julie/Pawtastic from before he was even born to when we picked him up was transparent, easy and FUN! Julie provided constant updates as well as guidance to picking the perfect family member for us. Theses puppies are apart of Julie’s family and she keeps up with Lincoln to this day. The love and attention poured into their puppies shines through Lincoln everyday.  Pawtastic Doodles is a godsend to us and we know Julie is someone we will always stay connected with!"


Carol and Howie - Palm Springs, CA

"Every step in the process has been wonderful — from meeting Julie to the puppy herself!!   Julie truly cares for the puppies, making sure each puppy ends up in the right home.   The puppy even already had some skills from Julie, which made those challenging first few days much easier. She even sent the puppy for our long drive home with a traveling crate and a stuffed toy complete with a warmer and a heartbeat.  If you care about getting a great puppy, strongly recommend going through Julie!"


Jack - Albany, NY

"Thank you so much Julie and family for showing these puppies so much love and for giving them such a wonderful start to their lives. Sage came already well-trained and followed basic commands from the start. Super impressed with how well behaved and smart this puppy was from the start. Julie made the process extremely easy for a first time puppy owner. Thank you so much again!"

Kai Kia

Matt & Melissa Smith - Tooele Utah

"We love our Pawtastic doodle.   He has perfect body proportions.   He looks like a big dog that was shrunk with big dog proportions.   He came home mostly potty trained.  He is the perfect color.  Everywhere he goes people stop to tell us how beautiful and small he is.  No one can believe he is a golden doodle because he is so small.   He learns tricks after just a few reps.  He can sit, stay, shake, roll over, dance, jump. We have enjoyed our puppy so much. He is so social he loves to meet everyone."


Tiffany - Tuscon, AZ

There is no comparison to the quality of breeding, training and care that Julie of Pawtastic Doodles takes with all of her pups. The entire process was unlike any other breeder experience. From the very beginning Julie showed how important it was for her to understand what our family was looking for in a dog and was very detailed in explaining her process. 


We must have sent a hundred messages back and forth, plus the FaceTime selection, and never once did I feel like I was a bother. You can see Julie truly values each of her pups and her potential families. Our sweet Luxe, a beautiful goldendoodle, is more than we could have hoped for. 


The special training and exposures that Julie invests into each of her pups is so evident. From day one of her arrival luxe slept all night in her crate, no whining and no crying and NO night accidents! We followed Julie’s suggestion to bell train for potty time and it has been a great choice for us. Luxe will swipe the bell and sit by the door and wait for us to let her out. 


Bath time is a breeze. I could go on and on but the bottom line is that Pawtastic Doodles is the ultimate in personalized puppy selection and care, I’m so grateful we found Julie and our perfect pup!


Divya & Toj - Chicago

Thank you to Julie for our amazing Koffi, mini Goldendoodle. We started looking for a puppy around February 2021 and after researching a lot I came across Pawtastic. I had been very frustrated with other breeders or places as not enough information or response was available. When I found Julie her timeline of when the puppies were going to be available was not matching mine, she was very patient and walked through the entire process. Even though the timeline did not match I put down the deposit. Overtime, her knowledge and care for the puppies won my trust and I waited to get mine. She is honest and does not sugarcoat the information. She will always inform you of reality and will always keep you updated, which for me was very important.


From February- August when Koffi was born, I would watch multiple videos that she would post for puppy care, her process and others stories that helped me prepare for mine. If you are deciding to get a puppy from a breeder and not adopting, I would highly recommend Julie as it truly felt like I was getting a new family member and not a toy. 


As for Koffi, he is adorable and a very well behaved dog. Our first vet visit the Dr. confirmed he is very healthy and in one of the best conditions she has seen puppies. He is smart, playful and has a charming personality. I am sure if you see his photograph, I don’t have to attest for the cuteness as it speaks for itself. 


Again, thank you to Julie and the Pawtastic family for raising our Koffi and providing him so much love in his early months! 


Leah - Park City, Utah

"If you are looking for the perfect doodle Julie is your lady! Our little boy Hootie is by far the best doodle we have ever had & we’ve had three! From the day we brought him home he has stolen everybody’s heart. My brother & his girlfriend loved Hootie so much they went the next day & got his brother! Hootie is the snuggliest, goofiest, smartest & playful dog. He absolutely loves everyone & everything. On top of that he has been the EASIEST dog to train because of how sharp he is. Hootie picked up potty training right away, he hasn’t chewed anything he isn’t suppose to & he learns basic commands with ease (some on the 3rd or 4th try). We literally cannot take Hootie anywhere without someone complimenting how beautiful & well behaved he is and begging for the breeders information!"


Kaity - Kaysville, Utah

"Jack is an absolute sweetheart! He fits into our family perfectly!"


Stephanie - Phoenix, AZ

"Hi Julie! I just wanted to reach out and let you know that Brian and I are so grateful for all you and your family did in raising Gibson and his brothers and sisters. He is SUCH A GEM. He’s loving and cuddly and is so smart! In less than a week he’s already learned some basic commands and working on more. He’s been so easy to travel with and lays on my lap every car ride. We’ve had so many people ask us about him and may be sending some people your way for future litters. Thank you for always being so responsive and answering all my crazy questions and sharing their stories as they grew. We appreciate everything you’ve done and love Gibson so much."


Maria - Florida

" Everyone who meets Guido wants to know where we found him.  He is amazing! You are so wonderful to deal with!"


Emma - San Diego, CA

Julie from Pawtastic doodles from our first interaction has exceeded our expectations. After months of research and interactions with other breeders when we talked with Julie we 100% knew that our puppy had to come from Pawtastic doodles. Julie is very personable, knowledgeable, caring and became a friend in the process.

    Our puppy Mando is everything we ever imagined and more! The time and love that Julie spends with the puppies  has showed from day one. Julie made sure to keep open communication by sharing videos, picture and updates through social media. As well as sweet personal text messages of our little guy. The ENS process that Julie performs with her pups clearly shows in Mando’s behavior. By the second day he was ringing his potty bell to go outside and peacefully slept the entire night in his crate.

      Everywhere we go with Mando we get stopped. He has a gorgeous healthy coat that not only looks beautiful but also feels amazing. We absolutely adore our little teddy bear and are very greatful to have him a part of our family. If anyone is looking to get a puppy I highly recommend Pawtastic Doodles!!

Winter Rose

Lauren - Miami, FL

We cannot say enough about Julie and her puppies. From our first phone call until today, Julie is always available to chat and answer questions. She is a perfectionist, and it shows in how amazing her puppies are. Winter has exceeded every single one of our expectations. She is adorable, has the absolute sweetest disposition and is so easy going...and she even sleeps through the night!! I highly recommend Julie and Pawtastic Doodles   I would not get a puppy from anyone else!!


Max & Michelle - Phoenix, Az

"My husband and I highly recommend Pawtastic Doodles! Julie was kind, helpful, and so easy to work. She answered all of our questions and took time out of her day to help us pick the perfect pup for our family. We love our pup so much and if we ever decide to get a second, we will definitely use Pawtastic Doodles again."


Dani - Boise, ID

Hi Julie, I do want to take a few minutes and thank you again for a wonderful experience with getting my Doodle (Boomer). I knew from the first time we spoke it was going to be good. First I just love this little guy, and would do anything for him. Your trainings and willingness to answer questions has made that very easy. All week long I’ve been asked if ‘he’s up all night?’, no he sleeps the night. ‘How are you doing with potty training?’ I’m asked. ‘He goes on the puppy pads.’ He’s so calm with no concern for noises or new people. I tell people when they say ‘you’re lucky’, yes I was to find a great breeder. Love him and love the experience of getting him!

Our clients absolutely love us, as you can see.

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