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Puppy Evaluations/ Temperament Testing

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“I wish I lived in your world, where it's sunshine and puppies all the time.” - Charlotte Huang

In order to accomplish accurate Temperament Testing and properly evaluate the results,  Badass Breeder’s provides a comprehensive curriculum and certification process. Once certified, I continue to remain committed to continual education and mentorship with peers who embrace the Badass Breeders philosophy. 


Puppies have both stable and adjustable traits. Traits are observed and tracked beginning at 6 weeks old, these traits are further solidified at 8 weeks old.  Below are traits that are evaluated:

Stable Traits:

Assertiveness (with humans and dogs)


Energy Level

Prey Drive

Human Focus


Adjustable Traits:


Nerve Strength/ Resiliency 

Touch Tolerance (compliance only-not if they like it)

Sound Sensitivity

Sight Sensitivity


The Badass Breeders Curriculum we implement assists in influencing our puppies adjustable traits. It helps create confident puppies that are brave and bounce back quickly when startled, they are compliant with being touched, they adapt to new sounds and sights well because we work hard at a young age to desensitize them to stimulus that might frighten puppies at a later age. It's overwhelmingly rewarding and an honor to empower our puppies to gain confidence and also trust in humans. 

The Puppy Evaluations allow us to see what things your puppy still needs help with or to be sensitive to. It also allows us to see where your puppies talents are and the kind of home that would help them thrive. Keep an eye on our Instagram page. CLICK HERE to see how we do the Puppy Evaluations/Temperament Tests.

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