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The Badass Breeder Way

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“Puppies are God’s idea of a perfect workout program.” -Stephen King,

The Badass Breeder Way was developed by Jeanette Forrey. She has created the quintessential comprehensive guide to raising amazing puppies.  For more on the Badass Breeder the program click here.


Ethical Professional Breeder

Like many, I began breeding Doodles as a Hobby breeder.  I absolutely fell in love with my first beloved F1B Goldendoodle Marley (named for my fav, Bob Marely).  While looking for my first Doodle I encountered a huge variety in the appearance, structure and temperament in the puppies.  From that experience, I embarked in a quest to understand what factors drove these differences.

I am an adjunct Professor at the Graduate level, so becoming educated and well informed regarding breeding became a top priority.  There simply is no substitute for education or experience.  I absolutely love the science involved in the genetic aspects of breeding. I also adore the art side of breeding that requires my soft-skills.  The socialization, training and temperament assessments.  Doodle breeding is truly an art and a science and I absolutely love both sides.  

Genetic and health testing with their associated interpretation is imperative in making complex breeding decisions.  These efforts coupled with collaboration with a high quality health care from our Board-Certified Canine Reproductive Veterinary Specialist yield the highest quality of puppies.

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