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Health  Testing

“If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.” - unknown

Breeding Parents Health Testing:


Genetic Health Conditions We Test For

Ultimate peace of mind comes from testing for over 190+ known genetic health conditions in

16 different areas, including:

Kidney and Bladder
Other Systems
Brain and Spinal Cord
Skin & Connective Tissues
Click Here for a comprehensive list of all 190+ diseases.

* Health testing is time consuming, expensive and if failed- a dog will not be added to our breeding program. Responsible and ethical breeders follow these guidelines. Make sure the "health tested" puppies you are looking considering have had more than DNA health testing done.*

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We know buying a puppy is a huge decision and commitment. We strive to ensure the health of parents and puppies is optimal and we exceed most standards in this arena.  All parents are fully health tested and screened for over 190 diseases. 

We offer a 72 hour fully refundable health guarantee that your puppy is free of any life threatening illness. We are one of VERY few breeders that offer LIFETIME guarantee that encompasses all the diseases that Embark testing covers for the breed specific issues. 

  • Our puppies are raised in the cleanest possible  environment with deep cleaning accomplished daily.

  • Puppies have a comprehensive vet check with documented wellness.

  • Dewormers administered every 2 weeks 

  • All puppies have age appropriate vaccinations. 

  • LIFETIME health guarantee for all genetic diseases screened by EMBARK or Animal Genetics-over 190 diseases

  • Free Pet Health Insurance for the first 30 days

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