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Waitlist Process

2024 Waitlist

In order to plan future breedings, we have implemented a waitlist system to our program. This allows individuals to place deposits and have a better idea of when they will be able to bring one of our amazing puppies home. 

 planned PUPPERS in 2024:

Click HERE for detailed list!

Multi-Gen Goldendoodles

F1 + F1b Cavapoos

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Pawtastic Doodles Master Waitlist Application

Thank you for your interest in our sweet puppies! We consider it an honor and a pleasure to partner with you to find your perfect furever family member.
In order to make things fair for individuals who have applied in the past, we will be giving them waitlist priority. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours of receipt. Once approved, I will personally contact each individual to let them know their placement and accept the deposit. 
The deposit is $500 and it is nonrefundable. It will be used towards a puppy total purchase price.  All of our puppies are in the $3,500-$4,500 range. Deposits NEVER expire.
We will keep waitlist families up to date on confirmed litters and puppies via text, email and Instagram. When a litter is born, the top of the waitlist will need to let us know their intent on that litter, whether it's skipping or planning on getting a puppy. Prices and parent weights will be announced to help you determine if this is the litter for you.


Here's How!





Before you apply, I want you to have 100% confidence in your decision to work with me.  Choosing the right breeder is more important than choosing your puppy.  Confidence in the process, program and puppies is paramount. I am a science-based breeder utilizing copious amounts of data and analysis with extensive DNA to include routine DNA sampling of my puppies to ensure all of my puppy's have optimal health-HERE.  I have over 13 years of experience with advanced degrees and I am a professor of Master's level classes.  I leverage my experience and education to ensure my puppies have optimal health with a more robust health testing protocol-HERE than others, a lifetime health guarantee-HERE (most offer 2 years) amazing temperaments due to my proprietary puppy curriculum which yields service dog ready puppies.  


I routinely work with first-time dog owners with great success.  I strive to set you up for success with extensive resources, life-time support and world-class training through Baxter & Bella-HERE. The resources provided include an extensive detailed Google Doc with tons of info, my life-time support and the Pawtastic Doodle community of owners that stay connected and provide support for years after Gotcha Day.  For ALL first-time dog owners, I gift the Baxter & Bella program to them to ensure an optimal transition on Gotcha Day and beyond.   Additionally, we begin potty training at 3 weeks and crate training at 5 weeks. Please read through our page on our puppy training-HERE to include our Intentional, Ethical Breeding Program, and our Developmental Puppy Nursery, and proprietary puppy curriculum. Additionally, please follow our Instagram, where I document our daily lives with the puppies. Read my reviews on IG-HERE under the HIGHLIGHT titles reviews or HERE.  Be so careful of SCAMMERS!  Many fake accounts are using my pictures and videos.  Read THIS to avoid heartache. Finally, I am happy to provide referral of families that have worked with me.  This gives you added assurance that I am the right breeder for you.  I am more than happy to provide them. 



This gives me information about you as a potential puppy owner, and also gives you an opportunity to tell me what you are looking for in a puppy.  The application link is available on my IG bio-HERE and also here. In your application please share a little about your family so that we can get to know one another.  Please visit my current litters and future litters to help you better plan for your sweet puppers. 

When you apply, you will also select your preferences for color, gender, and size of a puppy.  

I strive to contact you via text within 24 hrs of your application submission.  I will then schedule a call to chat.  This is a VERY important step.  Please NEVER send a deposit unless we've chatted on the phone.  This is to protect you from scammers.



My Puppies are priced between $3500 to $4500 with a $500 deposit that goes toward the purchase price. ​

Pawtastic Puppies coat colors are: Red Solids, Red Abstracts, Blenheims, Black Abstracts, Tri-color, Phantoms, Apricots, and Apricot Abstracts.  The amount of white marking can range from small amounts on the chest, muzzle, and feet to a full tuxedo, muzzle, queens kiss on the head full white socks and white tipped tails. They are all glorious.  Generations are multi-gen, F1 and F1B. Go HERE for Breed & Generation explanation.

ALL of my Goldendoodles, Golden Cavapoos & Cavapoos are bred to have the following traits: 


This is a genetic term meaning a fluffy teddy bear face rather than a flat sleek coat of hair on the face. The furnishing trait is associated with low/no shedding breeds. Low/No shedding is usually better for people with allergies.  Additionally, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (CKCS) in my program carry low shedding genes.

Wavy coats  

I have worked diligently for years to refine the genetics of my dogs for optimal wavy coats with minimal to no shedding.   


I categorize my puppy sizes as follows:

Teacup: ​5 to 10 lbs

Micro-Mini: 10 to 15 lbs

Cuddle Cavapoos or Mini Goldendoodles: 16 to 25 lbs

Coat Coloring Types  - this visual guide will be helpful as you select color preferences on your application. 




If your application is approved, I will personally speak to you on the phone. This is a critical step for you, as there are so many scammers using my photos and videos.  Be sure not to send money to anyone claiming to be Pawtastic Doodles until you have spoken to me on the phone, or via IG Chat (I'm an ADROID girl) to confirm that my voice and face match my Instagram.  I don't have anyone "partnering" who will speak to you.  It will only be me. 



Once approved, you must pay a deposit of $500 that goes to the full purchase price. Payment can be made via Zelle @ or Venmo @ julie-pasco. I can also take CC payments over the phone with a 3.5% added. 



After you have paid the $500 deposit, you will be added to the waitlist.   I have refined the way I manage the waitlist.  I manage my wait list at a master level which offers my families optimal flexibility regarding puppy selection.  Rather than assign you to a specific litter, a manage based on puppy preferences as follows:

Breed: Goldendoodle, Golden Cavapoo and Cavapoo (You can consider all options)

Gender: Male, Female or Either

Color: Red Solids, Red Abstracts, Blenheims, Black Abstracts Tris, Phantoms, Apricots, and Apricot Abstracts


Teacup: ​5 to 10 lbs

Micro-Mini: 10 to 15 lbs

Cuddle Cavapoos or Mini Goldendoodles: 16 to 25 lbs

I group my upcoming puppies quarterly as follows:






All puppy selections are based on the date of your deposit.



I create IG groups with families that may potentially select from upcoming litters that correlate with the quarters defined above.  This does not mean that you are required to select from the litters offered during this quarter.  It gives the option if a puppy is available, based on your deposit date, to select your dream puppers.  However, you may also opt to pass until the next litter is offered.   I use the IG group to communicate tons of great general information and news regarding upcoming puppers.  It is the behind-the-scenes information about my puppies.  I am an extremely open and transparent communicator.  Feedback from my Pawtastic Doodle family is that this mode of open communication is extremely helpful during and after Gotcha Day.  My IG groups remain open creating a community of Pawtastic Doodle owners that communicate for months and years.   



Puppy section is accomplished at week 5.  I do not pick your puppy for you nor do I force you to select a specific puppy.  Your satisfaction with the puppy selection process is paramount to me.  That is why I work so diligently to ensure you are over the moon happy with both your puppy and the process.  I wait until 5 weeks so that I am comfortable with a size prediction utilizing 13 years of data (I weigh every puppy once a week and follow them to adulthood, utilize DNA predictive tools and knowledge of the 5 generation pedigree of all my dogs ensuring accurate prediction) and I have conducted temperament evaluations-HERE.  I have had extensive training in both the Volmer and BAB TEMPERMENT evaluation process and routinely work with Service dog trainers who love using my puppies in their programs.  I have puppies who have gone on the serve as Diabetic Alert dogs, Seizure Alert dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, Autism Service Dogs, Hearing Dogs and PTSD Service dogs. 


I announce in my IG group that texts will be going out with a 24 hour response time for each litter.  You can provide your preference via text and based on date of deposit, will be matched. If you are not interested in the puppies offered, you may/will be contacted with the next litters offering at 5 weeks.  Once you have selected your puppy, I collect 50% of the balance owed with the remaining due on or before Gotcha Day.  I will begin the coordination of a Flight Nanny quote to your airport of choice, or we can coordinate pick-up at SLC International airport.   I am happy to discuss this process in more detail over the phone, if you like.  



I provide tons of content on IG from breeding to Gotch Day and well beyond.  I share every breeding with details about the parents and pictures of past puppers, if applicable.  As a science-based breeder, I use progesterone testing and artificial insemination to ensure conception.  This coupled with excellent nutrition, supplements and health of my parents yield healthy large litters.  In 13 years, I have only missed one breeding. At 30 days post breeding, I provide an update confirming pregnancy via Ultrasound with a pregnancy x-ray at 55 days to confirm puppy count.  Getting a puppy count is critical to momma's health to ensure all puppies are delivered. Once puppies are born, I provide weekly pictures and videos to facilitate bonding with your future family member.   The first 8 weeks are amazing in a puppy's life - the development is HUGE and impacts their entire life. It's really bonding to get to see these formative steps in your new fur-baby's life. 



The Puppies are preparing for you:

At 6-7 weeks of age, puppies visit the vet for a certified health report and vaccinations. Vaccination records and health certification are provided in your Gotcha Day bag.

Continued  development in our nurturing puppy nursery program with our proprietary puppy curriculum, crate & potty training and daily visual and auditory exposures.

You are preparing for your puppy:

Confirm flight nanny or travel arrangements to SLC Airport.

Purchase Supplies. For my supply suggestions click HERE.

Set up your puppy area.

Sign up for BAXTER&Bella training program-HERE using my discount code. Please start watching the videos & listening to PODCASTS now to prepare for bringing home puppy. Also, watch the B&B litter party video on YouTube-HERE. This will make your experience with a new puppy much more enjoyable!


Is due on or before Gotcha Day.  You can Venmo @julie-pasco, (last 4 digits of phone number is 8543). Zelle to, or CC over the phone with a 3.5% fee/  




It's Gotcha Day! Puppies go home when they are 8 weeks old. This is an optimal age for bonding and exposure to a new environment. You can drive or fly in to SLC International Airport to pick up your puppy, or I can recommend some flight nannies, who fly in the cabin with your puppy to your local airport. I am happy to meet you at the airport with your puppy so you can fly in and out the same day.  You are responsible for the cost and planning of your travel. 

Your puppy will come to you with a Gotcha Day bag that includes:  shot record, a signed examination report from my vet, a Snuggle Puppy and cuddle blankie that smells like Momma and littermates, a soft toy, a small baggie of the food they are eating, their current schedule, and some training tips.  

You will need to continue with 3 more rounds of vaccinations every 3 weeks, and regular de-wormings as recommended by your vet. Please remember to keep all 4 paws off the floor when your puppy goes to public places, (including the park), until their vaccinations are complete.

It's really important that you keep up with early socialization and training-HERE! The first 16 weeks of a puppies life is the most formative. 

What does a Pawtastic Doodle puppy come with?

- DNA/OFA tested parents
- Early Neurological Stimulation + Early Scent Introduction days 3-16
- Regularly dewormed
- Raised on my proprietary puppy curriculum, Badass Breeder and Puppy Culture Protocols
- weight/age-appropriate vaccinations performed by licensed veterinarian
- Temperament testing at 5 weeks, before puppy selection
- 30 days free pet insurance-Trupanion
- Snuggle puppy with extra warmers
- Toy and blanket that smell like mom and litter-mates
- LIFETIME genetic health guarantee
- Lifetime support from Pawtastic Doodles

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